Hello. I’m Vino. I work here. What do I do, you may ask – well… I don’t know.

No really – I don’t. Every day is different, every day I do something else.     Well, maybe not. I know what my intent is: I help people. I look for people who do good work but are somehow impeded by not understanding certain technology and are either unwilling to delve into it, or are being taken advantage of by egoistic organisations.

I started Tecsmith not as business (I don’t make profit), nor as not-for-profit organisation (I don’t take donations), but as a platform to do pro bono community work.

I volunteer technology skills, and I get other technology experts to do the same – we’re about enabling independent-operator or small business who add true value to their communities with internet tools like websites, online marketing and infrastructure (email, backup servers and so on), and in return those businesses volunteer some of their time to help those in need.

If you think our pro bono services can help you then please contact us to find out more.